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Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

On triple correlations of divisor functions
Valentin Blomer
Volume 49, Issue 1

Simultaneous distribution of the fractional parts of Riemann zeta zeros
Kevin Ford, Xianchang Meng, Alexandru Zaharescu
Volume 49, Issue 1

On graphs decomposable into induced matchings of linear sizes
Jacob Fox, Hao Huang, Benny Sudakov
Volume 49, Issue 1

Invariant subspaces for H2 spaces of σ-finite algebras
Louis Labuschagne
Volume 49, Issue 1

Deformations of wreath products
Marius Dadarlat, Ulrich Pennig, Andrew Schneider
Volume 49, Issue 1

Journal of the London Mathematical Society

A Brezis–Nirenberg type result for a nonlocal fractional operator
Jean Mawhin, Giovanni Molica Bisci
Volume 95, Issue 1

Duality and invariants of representations of fundamental groups of 3-manifolds into PGL (3,C)
Elisha Falbel, Qingxue Wang
Volume 95, Issue 1

Distribution functions of sections and projections of convex bodies
Jaegil Kim, Vladyslav Yaskin, Artem Zvavitch
Volume 95, Issue 1

Gap localization of TE-modes by arbitrarily weak defects
B. M. Brown, V. Hoang, M. Plum, M. Radosz, I. Wood
Volume 95, Issue 3

Functions of self-adjoint operators in ideals of compact operators
Alexander V. Sobolev
Volume 95, Issue 1

Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society

Sharp asymptotic profiles for singular solutions to an elliptic equation with a sign-changing non-linearity
Florica C. Cîrstea, Frédéric Robert
Volume 114, Issue 1

Nonconvex gradient flow in the Wasserstein metric and applications to constrained nonlocal interactions
Katy Craig
Volume 114, Issue 1

Whitney extension theorems for convex functions of the classes C1 and C1,ω
Daniel Azagra, Carlos Mudarra
Volume 114, Issue 1

P-adic L-functions of Bianchi modular forms
Chris Williams
Volume 114, Issue 4

Calabi–Yau caps, uniruled caps and symplectic fillings
Tian-Jun Li, Cheuk Yu Mak, Kouichi Yasui
Volume 114, Issue 1

Transactions of the London Mathematical Society

The prime spectrum of quantum SL3 and the Poisson prime spectrum of its semiclassical limit
Siân Fryer
Volume 4, Issue 1

Sparse bilinear forms for Bochner Riesz multipliers and applications
Cristina Benea, Frédéric Bernicot, Teresa Luque
Volume 4, Issue 1

On the ะค-variation of stochastic processes with exponential moments
Andreas Basse-O'Connor, Michel Weber
Volume 3, Issue 1

Limits of Riemannian 4-manifolds and the symplectic geometry of their twistor spaces
Joel Fine
Volume 4, Issue 1

On the logical strengths of partial solutions to mathematical problems
Laurent Bienvenu, Ludovic Patey, Paul Shafer
Volume 4, Issue 1

Journal of Topology

Examples and counter-examples of log-symplectic manifolds
FGil R. Cavalcanti
Volume 10, Issue 1

The Alexander module, Seifert forms, and categorification
Jennifer Hom, Tye Lidman, Liam Watson
Volume 10, Issue 1

Grope metrics on the knot concordance set
Tim D. Cochran, Shelly Harvey, Mark Powell
Volume 10, Issue 3

An explicit KO-degree map and applications
Aravind Asok, Jean Fasel
Volume 10, Issue 1

Random regular graphs and the systole of a random surface
Bram Petri
Volume 10, Issue 1