Editorial Board


Keith Ball, FRS
Mathematics Institute
University of Warwick
Zeeman Building


Editorial Advisers

Adviser's Name Institution Specialist Area
A Bayer University of Edinburgh Algebraic geometry
W Bergweiler Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Complex analysis and complex dynamics
R R J Bocklandt University of Amsterdam Noncommutative geometry and representation theory
N P Byott University of Exeter Algebraic number theory
J A Carrillo Imperial College London Nonlinear PDEs, numerical analysis of PDEs, and calculus of variations
D Conlon University of Oxford Combinatorics
A Corti Imperial College London Algebraic geometry
D A Craven University of Birmingham Algebra and representation theory
E C M Crooks Swansea University Nonlinear analysis and PDEs
F Diamond King's College London Automorphic forms and Galois representations
K Dykema Texas A&M University Operator algebras and free probability theory
J H Giansiracusa Swansea University Tropical geometry and algebraic topology
P T Gressman University of Pennsylvania Harmonic analysis
A K Haynes University of Houston Analytic number theory, dynamical systems
T Hytönen University of Helsinki Harmonic analysis and operator theory
G Infante Universitá della Calabria Ordinary differential equations
S B Iyengar University of Utah Commutative algebra
A Juhász University of Oxford Geometric topology
A D Lauda University of Southern California Representation theory and quantum topology
P A Linnell Virginia Tech Discrete groups and cohomology
D D Long University of California, Santa Barbara Low-dimensional topology, geometry and discrete groups
H D Macpherson University of Leeds Logic and connections to algebra and geometry
O Maleva University of Birmingham Functional analysis, Banach spaces and geometric measure theory
P A Markowich University of Cambridge Nonlinear systems and PDEs
R J Marsh University of Leeds Representations of algebras and homological algebra
K McGerty University of Oxford Algebra and representation theory
A Némethi University of Budapest Singularity theory
G A Niblo University of Southampton Geometric group theory and non-commutative geometry
N Nikolov University of Oxford Finite group theory
T Orponen University of Helsinki Geometric measure theory and Fractal geometry
O Randal-Williams University of Cambridge Algebraic topology and K-theory
T J Ransford Université Laval Complex analysis and operator theory
S M Rees University of Liverpool Complex dynamics and dynamics
K C Rietsch King's College London Algebraic groups and representation theory
J A Ross University of Illinois at Chicago
Algebraic and differential geometry
T Sanders University of Oxford Discrete analysis
F Schulze University College London Differential geometry, geometric analysis and PDEs
D Segal University of Oxford Group theory
A N Skorobogatov Imperial College London Arithmetic geometry
I A B Strachan University of Glasgow Integrable systems and mathematical physics
J M Talbot University College London Graph theory and combinatorics
J A Thorne Univeristy of Cambridge Algebraic number theory
C Tretter Universität Bern PDEs and spectral theory
A G Turner Lancaster University Probability and stochastic analysis
C Ulcigrai University of Bristol Ergodic theory and Teichmüller dynamics
C Walkden University of Manchester Ergodic theory and dynamical systems
C Wendl Humboldt University zu Berlin Symplectic and contact topology